Animation, Saturday, 30.9.2023, 18.00 hrs

The Siren (La Sirène)

1980: Abadan, the center of Iran’s oil industry in the south of the country, is besieged by Iraqi troops. People leave their city, only a few stay behind.

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Drama, Saturday, 30.9.2023, 20.30 hrs

Endless Borders (Marzhaye bi payan)

Ahmad, a teacher banned from teaching, has been transferred to a remote village in Baluchestan, southern Iran, on the border with Afghanistan; there he must report regularly to the probation officer in the nearby town.

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Drama, Sunday, 1.10.2023, 16.00 hrs

Empty Nets (Toor-haya khaali)

In order to raise the money to marry his beloved Narges, young Amir hires out to fishermen on the rough coast of the Caspian Sea. Gradually he wins respect and his place there, but soon he is drawn into the criminal milieu of illegal caviar poaching.

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Drama, Sunday, 1.10.2023, 19.00 hrs

Leila‘s Brothers (Baradarane Leyla)

Leila’s four adult brothers, unemployed and in debt, still live in their parents’ house. Forty-year-old Leila struggles to secure her siblings’ future by buying a store.

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