Films May 2021


Selection Iranian Short Films II

Contact (Tamas), Hannover Goalkeeper (Darvazehban-e Honover), Fragments of a Revolution (Sahneh-ye Tarikh), About Father, About Death (Darbareye Pedar, Darbareye Marg), Prestige, White Winged Horse (Asb-e Sefid-e Baldar)

Ill Fate (Bakhte Parishan)

The popular cinema of the Shah era had stars and starlets, but it was considered sinful after the revolution and was widely censored.

Radiograph of a Family

Firouzeh Khosrovani, the daughter of a secular father and a religious mother, tells the story of her parents. With the help of photos, letters, videos and fictitious conversations, we discover a European-Iranian love and life story.

Captain Daryai (Nakhoda Daryaee)

For 60 days, Captain Daryai, a traditional Baloch fisherman, is out on the vastness of the ocean to catch tuna. 18 sailors, many of them still minors, accompany him.

Dizziness (Mangi)

A dispute in the front garden of a typical “villa” in northern Iran: Parisa, who has travelled from Tehran with her brother, demands her dowry back from Hamid, her ex-husband.

Coup 53

Mohammad Mossadegh was Iran’s first democratically elected prime minister. A coup against him brought the Shah back to power and had a far-reaching impact on the political and social development of Iran, and indeed the entire region.

Highway (Bozorgrah)

In the taxi: a young woman, obviously slightly injured, sits silently on the back seat, the nervous driver is supposed to take her to Tehran as quickly as possible.

Pruning Season (Fasle Haras)

Ghassem Tak Dehghan is desperate to patent his groundbreaking discovery: supposedly a natural cure for cancer. He is constantly on the lookout for a trustworthy person or institute – full of suspicion that someone might steal his formula and commercialise it.

Untimely (Bigah)

Hamin is doing his military service in a watchtower on the Gulf of Oman, in the border area between Iran and Pakistan. He unintentionally kills his commander in an argument when he refuses to grant him leave for his sister Mahin’s wedding celebration.

Iranian Pet club (Bashga-he Heyvanat)

Despite – or perhaps because of – religious and traditional prohibitions, the keeping of pets in the middle and upper classes of Iranian cities has taken on almost excessive proportions