Maydegol (میدگل)

Sunday, June 9th, 2024, 15.00 hrs

France, Germany, Iran 2024
73 minutes
Director: Sarvnaz Alambeigi
Performers: Maydegol, Mohadesseh, Farzaneh

Original version in Farsi and Dari with English subtitles.

It is estimated that up to six million Afghan refugees are living in Iran. 15-year-old Maydegol dreams of becoming a professional Muay Thai boxer. Neither her conservative family, nor physical abuse or the hostile attitude of many Iranians can stop her from pursuing her dream. Maydegol even works secretly to finance her boxing classes. With a dynamic, up-close style, Alambeigi tells the story of a generation of young women who are taking their fate into their own hands and demanding their rights.


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Sarvnaz Alambeigi (*1978 in Tehran) studied painting in Tehran and film in Denmark. Her “1001 Nights Apart” was released in cinemas across Germany in 2022 and was broadcast on Arte. “Maydegol” screened in the Berlinale Generation 14plus section.