Meteor (ستاره دنباله دار)

Saturday, June 8th, 2024, 17.00 hrs

Germany 2023
80 minutes
Director: Mahmud Behraznia
Performers: Parviz Sayyad, Werner Herzog, Manfred Zapatka and others.

Original version in German with Farsi subtitles.

Sohrab Shahid Sales (1944-1998) is one of the pioneers of the new Iranian cinema. Less well known is his role within the new German cinema. Without access to the German funding system, he made 13 films with great difficulty after his emigration in 1974. In order to trace Sales’ significance and after-effects, Mahmoud Behraznia from Hamburg interviewed people who worked with him, including Werner Herzog, actor Manfred Zapatka and Sales’ only daughter Masha.

Followed by a discussion with the filmmaker Mahmud Behraznia.


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Mahmud Behraznia: the Hamburg-based director and actor has worked on numerous Iranian feature films, most recently “Careless Crime” (2019). His documentaries include “Close to Kiarostami” (2000) and “The Prince” (2014).