Journey to Yazdegerd Castle (سفر به قلعه یزدگرد)

Sunday, June 9th, 2024, 13.00 hrs

Canada 2022
53 minutes
Director: Aref Mohammadi
Performers: Dr. Edward Keall, Sue Canten, Dr. Yousef Moradi

Original English version with Farsi subtitles.

Mohammadi portrays an enthusiastic connoisseur of Iran: until the revolution of 1978, the British-Canadian archaeologist Dr. Edward Keall undertook expeditions to explore ancient Zoroastrian temples of the late-antique Sassanids. His explorations led to the important discovery and excavation of Yazdegerd Castle in Kermanshah in western Iran. The ancient pre-Islamic civilizations represent an immense cultural heritage that is worth a fresh look in light of current post-colonial discussions.


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Aref Mohammadi: The Toronto-based film journalist and filmmaker runs the television program “Jahan-e- cinema” (“The World of Cinema”). He founded the “New Wave Artistic and Cultural Group” in 2004 and made his documentary “Song of God” in 2018.