Films 2020

Women in Iran: Short Films #1

Exam (15”), Absent Wound (10”) The Visit (14”), Grandad was a Romantic (5”), The Role (15”), The Toaster I Used to Live in (7”), Tangle (7”)

Numbness (Bi Hessi Mozeie)

The professional cynic and philosophy student Jahel lives together with his mentally unstable sister Mary, who suddenly enters into a marriage with the football-loving and apparently quite wealthy Shahrokh.


Ehsan Khoshbakht resurrects the era of Iranian popular cinema with his grip on the VHS archive and a tremendous amount of montage hard work.

The Alien (Namo)

The teacher Bakhtiyar was transferred to the Kurdish-speaking part of Iran. Social surveillance at home and at school makes it difficult for him and his family to arrive, especially as he does not want to simply submit.

None of Your Business (Va kas che)

The culture and history of the multicultural port city of Bandar Abbas is very different from that of central Iran. One of its most dazzling and tragic figures is the musician Ebrahim Monsefi.


2.5 million Afghans seek protection from war, misery and persecution in neighbouring Iran. Often without documents, they hope for a safer and better life – and sometimes a way to Europe.

The Unseen (Kaghazpareha)

Because of an upcoming state visit, the streets are “cleaned” of homeless people, sex workers and drug addicts and these are taken to special detention centres outside the city, deprived of their rights, dignity and freedom.

The Warden (Sorkhpoust)

Iran in the 1960s: In a wasteland in the south of the country, an old prison fortress is to make way for an airport. The ambitious Colonel Jahed supervises the eviction.

When the Moon was Full (Shabi Ke Maah Kamel Shod)

Abdol-Hamid, from the border area between Iran and Pakistan, falls in love with Faezeh from Tehran. Soon after the wedding, she notices that Abdol-Hamid’s brother is becoming increasingly radicalised.