Films 2016

A Risk of Acid Rain احتمال باران اسیدی

After his mother’s death the 60-year-old Pensioner Manouchehr heads on to his only friend Khosro. In a small hotel he meets the receptionist Kaveh and labile Mahsa, two young people who, like him, are at a turning-point in life.

Barcode بارکد

After the dark crystal-meth-drama “Ice Age”, Kiai immerses again into the world of drug dealers. This time he tells an episodic of crime of two Tehran Tricksters, sometimes as tough guys, sometimes dressed as venerable ayatollahs, who regularly mess with the wrong people, never at a loss to witty words.

For A Rainy Day روز مبادا

Once she dreamed of her death, a mother decides to bring her family matters in order. This includes to support her daughter in completing her first film, and even to persuade the movie star Hedieh Tehrāni to play in it

Lantouri لانتوری

Der charismatische Chef einer Straßengang – von der Öffentlichkeit mal als Verbrecher verdammt, mal als Robin Hood verehrt – begegnet der sozial engagierten Maryam.

Simulation (Tamaroz)

Somewhere in southern Iran three young men are being incarcerated. At the precinct the events that have let to their incarceration are being reenacted. At first, the story takes a backseat to the minimalistic set.

Starless Dreams رؤیاهای دم صبح

Oskouei’s most recent film portrays underage girls detained for offenses such as pick-pocketing, drug trafficking or manslaughter. Boredom and monotony determine their daily life in jail.

Tehran Nostalgie

The Tehran bazaar, with its 10 km long covered walkway system, is a world of its own. “Lalezar” is the name of a road in the middle of Tehran, which stands for a bygone cabaret, filming and music culture.

Valderama والدراما

The 15-year-old orphan boy Atiq, named after Colombian Footballer “Valderama” because of his curls, is exploited and hast to  to flee after he stood  up to himself.