Films 2019

16 Women

Four generations of Iranian women from Tehran talk about their dreams, about their worries and about love: For the elderly it is about love for their husbands and mothers, for the young it is also about love for art, their profession or their pets.


The Dervish-Artist Musa, who lives on the island of Hormoz, explores the ancient rituals, myths and mysteries of the Arabian, African and Indian-influenced Persian Gulf region.

Midnight Traveler

When the Taliban threatened Afghan director Hassan Fazili with death in 2015, he was forced to flee with his wife Fatima and daughters Nargis (11) and Zahra (6).

Orange Days (Rooz-Haye Narenji)

Aban, a woman in her mid-forties, employs seasonal workers at the orange harvest in Northern Iran. When she wins a tender for the largest plantation in the region, she needs nerves of steel to keep the column of pickers happy.


According to Islamic law, Reza and Fati have three months to revoke their divorce. Reza tries a new beginning, starts to write a book, makes friends with the waitress Violet, but also remains connected to the unhappy Fati.

Sheeple (Maghz-haye Koochak Zang-Zadeh)

Shakur and his brothers Amir and Shahin control the drug trade in the suburban jungle with their crystal meth laboratory, but when their sister’s honor is at stake, Shahin starts a gang war.

Short Films 1: Art & Experience

The ART & EXPERIENCE association brings sophisticated artistic perspectives to selected cinemas. As part of a cooperation, we show a selection of current, often award-winning short films.

Short Films 2: FiDAN films

The Iranian short film shows interests and motivations of young filmmakers, it reveals new perspectives and upcoming masters. Together with filmmaker Iman Behrouzi we present a selection of the distributor FiDAN films.

Short Films 3: Kanoon Animation Films

The animation films produced by Kanoon make use of all the medium’s possibilities for transformation and metamorphosis: a shadow that becomes independent, a little man that escapes the carpenter’s wood chips, a small bird that befriends a scarecrow, and goats that become clouds.

Song Of God

A film of colours and sounds: SONG OF GOD leads to the enigmatic group of Yarsani (Ahl-e Haqq), which is widespread in the Iranian-Kurdish border region.

The Paternal House (Khaneh Pedari)

1929: A mansion in Tehran, a young woman disappears into the cellar. The following generations, especially the female family members, suffer from the crime that was never solved.

Yesterday drought, today flood. And tomorrow?

Ehsani has been documenting the threat to Iran’s limited water resources for a long time. His latest film portrays the rich cultural landscape the river Karoon passes on its way.