Short Films 2: FiDAN films

Fr., 31. May 2019 | 16:30 | Filmforum

Short film focus on »Visions of Iran«

The Iranian short film shows interests and motivations of young filmmakers, it reveals new perspectives and upcoming masters. Together with filmmaker Iman Behrouzi we present a selection of the distributor FiDAN films.

Zona R: Toofan Nahan Ghodrati 21‘
A man learns of his infertility as a result of a DNA test. This raises questions about his marriage and children.

Online shopping R: Ghasideh Golmakani 14’
Donya wants to study abroad and offers some older things online for sale. A customer appears and is rather too interested in certain clothes.

Umbra R : Saeed Jafarian 15’
In the middle of the night a young woman leaves the apartment to look for her missing partner in the darkness of the streets. She does not remain alone.

Blue Sky, Clean Earth R: Mahyar Mandegar 11’
How could it happen that the little pickpocket Massoud was accused of terrorism?

High Light R: Shahrzad Dadgar 23’
In Haydeh’s beauty salon, women discuss  their fates – marriage, departure, separation and much more.

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