Short Films 1: Art & Experience

Thu., 30. May 2019 | 21:15 | Filmforum

Short film focus on »Visions of Iran«

The ART & EXPERIENCE association brings sophisticated artistic perspectives to selected cinemas. As part of a cooperation, we show a selection of current, often award-winning short films:

Hashtag 4 o’clock R: Atefeh Mehrabi 18‘
Mahtab could end Omid’s streak of bad luck.  On New Year’s Day, she has to decide by 4 a.m. whether she loves him.

Sleepwalkers R: Pouya Nabi 15‘
A young man is trapped in an old house, with no memories, no sense of time. Until a mysterious and yet familiar woman appears.

Manicure R: Arman Fayyaz 14‘
When a young woman commits suicide, the villagers refuse her husband a funeral. But that’s not all!

Lunch Time R: Alireza Ghasemi 15‘
A teenage girl wants to identify her deceased mother, but is not allowed into the morgue without a guardian. But her visit has other intentions …

Cinderella R: Mehdi Aghajani 26‘
During the wedding ceremony, the groom learns that his life has been completely organized by his overpowering father.

With guests!