Song Of God

Sun., 2. June 2019 | 16:15 | Filmforum

 Small Cultures? Great history!

Documentary, CAN/IR 2018, 60′
Director: Aref Mohammadi

A film of colours and sounds: SONG OF GOD leads to the enigmatic group of Yarsani (Ahl-e Haqq), which is widespread in the Iranian-Kurdish border region. Their religion is not only Shiite, but also has references to the Yezidi and Alevism; their culture and spiritual identity has been passed on for centuries by the masters of the tanbour lute.

Following: Conversation with Prof. Katajun Amirpur (University of Cologne), Aref Mohammadi (filmmaker), Mohammad Ehsani (filmmaker) and others.



Aref Mohammadi studied literature and social work and was assistant director in theatre and film. He currently works in Canada as a journalist, writer, filmmaker, film critic and producer. “The Bus (2005)” portrayed the first female bus driver, and “New Horizon (2009)” the first female mechanic in Iran. “A Survivor from Magadan” (2012) was dedicated to Ata Safavi, who was murdered under Stalin.