The Report of Yousefi’s Runaway (Gozareshe Farare Yousefi)

Sa., 1. June 2019 | 17:15 | Filmforum

Drama, IR 2019 122‘
Director: Hossein Toghiri
Cast: Laya Asali Najad, Erfan Bakhtiari, Koosha Nowrouzi, Shahrzad Ahmadzadegan, Marina Ezzati 

Toghiri’s debut approaches the situation of young people in Iran from different perspectives. Omid, Aida, Amir and Sepideh belong to a group connected by friendships and love relationships. Their efforts to enjoy life to the full are overshadowed by the feeling of not being able to gain a foothold and by the desire to leave.

Afterwards conversation with the filmmaker!


Hossein Toghiri (*1985 in Hamedan) Studied photography at the Tehran Art Academy. From 2006, he made several short films and showed a series of individual photo exhibitions and photo performances in major Tehran galleries. Toghiri’s feature film debut “Report of Yousefi’s Runaway” was shot in 2012, but remained banned for six years before being shown in Tehran cinemas last year.