Women in Iran: Short Films #1

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IR 2019, 15’
Director Sonia Hadad
Just on the day of an important exam, a student receives an order from her father to deliver a package of cocaine to a customer.

Absent Wound
GB 2018, 9’
Director Maryam Tafakory
At “Zoorkhane” – a traditional “gym” for men – a young woman reflects on her physicality.

The Visit
IR 2019, 14’
Director Azadeh Mousavi
Elaheh has a single day to prepare herself and her daughter Tara for an important meeting with her husband.

Granddad Was a Romantic
GB 2019, 5’
Director Maryam Mohajer
A child tells how his grandfather for the first time comes across a picture of his grandmother and recognizes in her the love of his life.

The Role
IR 2018, 15’
Director Farnoosh Samadi
A woman accompanies her husband to a film casting. Everything turns out differently, and she is faced with an important decision …

The Toaster I Used to Live In
CAN 2016, 7’
Director Rojin Shafiei
Four young women talk openly about their first extramarital sexual experiences – and the consequences.

IR 2019, 7’
Director Maliheh Gholamzadeh
A delicate animation about “escape”: the loss of home, memories and people we can hardly let go.

Attention: Program I is restricted to Germany.

Followed by an online discussion with Ghasideh Golmakani and other directors!

Absent Wound
The Visit
Grandad Was a Romantic
The Role
The Toaster I used to Live in