Captain Daryai (Nakhoda Daryaee)

Documentary IR 2020 98`
R: Mazyar Moshtagh Gohari

For 60 days, Captain Daryai, a traditional Baloch fisherman, is out on the vastness of the ocean to catch tuna. 18 sailors, many of them still minors, accompany him – along the coast of Konarak towards the Indian Ocean and the Maldivian Sea. Pirates lurk at sea, military helicopters search for contraband and weapons, at home his wife threatens him with a lawsuit, and Daryai’s work brings in too little. In view of falling prices and dwindling fish stocks, the old fishing methods make neither ecological nor economic sense in the long run. Gohari’s film crew documents the gruelling trip and captures a way of life at sea that will soon no longer exist.

Caution: Some scenes of giant tuna fishing are not suitable for sensitive viewers and children!

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Mazyar Moshtagh Gohari (*1978 in Jiroft) studied art at the University of Zahedan and started as a filmmaker at the Iranian Youth Cinema Society in 1995. In addition to his work as a local television journalist, he makes films on the environment, education and culture of the province of “Sistan and Baluchistan”, which he has travelled for 15 years and recorded photographically and on film. Gohari’s films include “Gando”, “Fly in water”, Cechanok”, “The Persian crocodile”, “Bodvar”, “Mirza”. Many of them were screened at international film festivals such as Diagonale, Aljazeera IDFF, IDFA Amsterdam.