Women in Iran: Short Films

Selection: Ghasideh Golmakani

Ghasideh Golmakani comes from a family of artists and journalists. At 18, she went to Paris to study art history and cultural studies at the Sorbonne. After returning to Iran, she started making films. In her films, she mainly deals with taboos in traditional Iran such as child abuse, harassment in public spaces or daily violence against women. In 2019, her book about Ali Abbassi, an important pre-revolutionary film producer, was published. Golmakani works – also internationally – as a film curator. In 2020, she put together two short film programmes for Visions of Iran.

Taxi is here
Fiction IR 2019 14 min
D: Sara Aghababayan
C: Shaghayegh Faryadshiran, Mehrzad Noorhoseini
A mysterious woman in a taxi: the driver looks familiar, so she invites him to join her – she wants to share a secret with him.

Fiction IR 2019 14 min.
D: Marjan Hashemi
C: Mahour Mirzanejad, Golzar Hazfi, Hanieh Khosravani
Soodeh has feelings for her classmate. The sports teacher finds out about it, becomes jealous and threatens to report this forbidden love to the school headmaster.

Let the past go by
Fiction IR 2017 21 min
D: Marayam Naraghi
C: Sara Bahrami, Khosrow Bamdad, Moein Zarabi, Mariye Tehranchi, Hasti Bani-Asadi,
Mohammad-Ali Najimi
When the murderer of Bahar’s brother is released from prison, she tries to make him suffer emotionally. Her efforts lead to a change…

Fiction IR 2018 8 min
D: Ghasideh Golmakani
C: Shiva Ebrahimi, Alireza Sanifar, Mehrdad Hamrahi, Dariush Ashrafi, Milad Yari, Shahen Shajarikohan, Mahmoud Kashani, Amir Gargaratchi, Akbar Yazdi
A Tehran woman urgently needs to find a parking space for her car. Men on the street disturb her concentration…

Spotted Yellow
Fiction IR 2020 12 min
D: Baran Sarmad
C: Shadi Karamroudi
Roya, a young girl with a yellow spot on her face, suddenly feels distinct signs of a giraffe on her.

Animation, Iran 2018 4 min
Director: Mahboobeh Kalaee
Music: Behrooz Parhizgar
A tiny man and a small woman emerge from the coffee grounds in the sink. A story of love and death – infinitely delicately crafted.

Cinema Cristal
Short documentary IR-AU 2017, 14.30 min
D: Marlies Pöschl, Farnaz Jurabchian
Film lovers and contemporary witnesses share their memories and stories connected to the old cinemas on Tehran’s Lalezar Street.

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Taxi is here

Let the past go by
Spotted Yellow
Cinema Cristal