Tehran Nostalgie

From Tehran to Tehran از طهران تا تهران

D: Reza Khanlari

, 2015
, 43’

The Tehran bazaar, with its 10 km long covered walkway system, is a world of its own. The documentary begins with the earliest records of European Iran travelers and recapitulates the history of the bazaar up to the presence. Khanlari roams streets and alleys, talks to merchants and customers, and comments on architecture and culture of live.

Lalezariha لاله زاریا


Direction, Script, Camera, Prod.: Hossein Ahmadian  Storyteller: Bahram Behbahani

 2015, 52’

“Lalezar” is the name of a road in the middle of Tehran, which stands for a bygone cabaret, filming and music culture. Together with a tempered taxi driver the director takes an amusing and nostalgic memory trip through the music of that time, chatting with pedestrians and letting them sing.