IR 2012 /107’/ R: Majid Barzegar /
D: Levon Haftvan, Homeira Nonahali, Mahmoud Behrouzian

Despite his 50 years Parviz still lives off his father and the two men don’t get on very well. Things come to a head when the father tells his son he has decided to remarry. Parviz has no other choice but surrender his place to his step-mother and leave home. Parviz finds it difficult to get used to this new solitary life far from his neighborhood and the people he knows. He thus concocts a novel way of fighting back against the injustice done to him.

Director’s statement

‘Parviz’ is the continuation of the exploration that began in my last film, ‘Rainy Seasons.’ An exploration of a particular form of cinema and a portrayal of sections of urban life, the tensions and mundaneness of which form part of my society. I have tried to tell the story of an ordinary man who, as he discovers the destructive aspect of power, is transformed into a different person.