Short Films 3: Kanoon Animation Films

Sun., 2. June 2019 | 13:00 | Filmforum

Short film focus on »Visions of Iran«

KANOON animation films – suitable for children and teenagers!

The animation films produced by Kanoon make use of all the medium’s possibilities for transformation and metamorphosis: a shadow that becomes independent, a little man that escapes the carpenter’s wood chips, a small bird that befriends a scarecrow, and goats that become clouds. Forms and colours change, tell stories and wander on.

Black or White
R: Mohammad-Ali Soleymanzadeh
A colorful butterfly suddenly appears in the black and white world of the zebras. Enchanted, a zebra foal follows him

The Shadow that Turned into Light
R: Nazanin Sobhansarbandi Iran 2016
When the puppeteer leaves the stage, his shadow develops its own will. Both have to learn to deal with the new situation.

My Moon, Our Moon 
R: Mohammad Naseri 2016
In summer everyone sleeps on the roofs and watch the moon and the stars. In winter the moon is sad – until a new friend is found.

Cloudy Goats
R: Hamid Karimian 2014
A small lamb gets lost in the mountain fog. But a rescuing herd of goats drives away his fears.

Scarecrow’s Heart
R: Gholamreza Kazzazi 2015
A young bird makes friends with a scarecrow in the winter cold and saves a wolf. Later he needs help himself.

The Trees Thief
R: Rashin Kheyrieh 2014
A little man leaves the carpenter to build his own houses; when he has cut down all the trees, nightmares haunt him.

R: Maryam Khalilzadeh  2017
If a man can turn 1001 girls into butterflies through music, he will be able to fly himself.


The “Institute for the Spiritual Education of Children and Young People” is one of the most traditional Iranian film production sites and the cradle of modern Iranian cinema. Numerous internationally renowned filmmakers began their careers at KANOON, among them Abbas Kiarostami.