From Iran, A Separation

IR/FR 2013 / 52’ / R: Azadeh Mousavi, Kourosh Ataei


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In the morning of 27 March 2012, the Iranian movie “A Separation” won the Oscar Award for the Best Foreign Language Film. For the Iranian people who were impatiently glued to their TV screens, this was more than a cinematic award. When sanctions and threats of war with Iran covered the world headlines, Asghar Farhadi talked about Iran’s love for peace and the rich culture of the Iranians when he went on the stage to receive his award. This time the Iranians felt that their voice was heard through someone other than the government officials. This documentary depicts the importance and the difference of receiving an Oscar award for “A Separation” for the Iranians and has a general view on Iran’s society of today. The documentary is narrated with an ironic language and uses animation in some parts.