Close to Kiarostami (Dar Nazdiki-ye Kiarostami)

Documentary IR 2000, 44′ // R: Mahmoud Behraznia

Mit: Juliette Binoche, Michel Piccoli, Bernardo Bertolucci, Theo Angelopoulos, Youssef Chahine

Kiarostami himself thought “Close to Kiarostami” was the best documentary that had been made about him. In this portrait, famous directors and actors like Juliet Binoche, Michel Piccoli, Bernardo Bertulocci, Theo Angelopoulos, and Youssef Chahine talk about Kiarostami. 44 minutes, that brings the audience a little closer to the late great Kiarostami’s work and private life.
Guest: Mahmoud Behraznia



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