Sat., 2. June 2018 | 18:30 | Filmforum | Focus Halabtsche

Documentary IR 2015, 62 minutes
Director Mehdi Ghorbanpour
Actor Ali Zemnako and family

Only as a young man does Zemnako learn that he survived the poison gas attack on Halabtsche in 1988 as a baby and was adopted by an Iranian woman. However, the single mother was not allowed to apply for identification documents for him. After the death of his stepmother, Zemnako decides to travel from Iran to Kurdistan and look for relatives there. Ghorbanpour’s moving film tells how a young man learns gradually more about the dramatic turns and secrets of his life story and the horrors of the Iran-Iraq war and still ends up making peace with it.

Followed by a conversation with filmmaker Mehdi Ghorbanpour!

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