Woodgirls – A Duet for a Dream

Thursday, 26.5.2022, 8.30 pm

IR 2021 75 min, Farsi with engl. subtitles
D: Azadeh Bizargiti
With: Leila Avakh, Sedigheh Momennia

Rascht, situated on the Caspian Sea, differs from other parts of the country in terms of climate, architecture and way of life. Here, the self-taught women Leila and Sedigheh dream of having their own carpentry workshop – this is a man’s job and is neither socially desirable nor is there even a licence for women. But the two young women have staying power, they are enthusiastic craftswomen, unconditionally supportive, and also campaign for other women to be able to work with wood. Will they succeed in the end?


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Azadeh Bizargiti: “An Angel Over My Right Shoulder” (2011), “The Scent of Lemon at Dawn” (2014), “The Hidden Side of the Moon” (2016) und “Waterfolk” (2019) sind einige ihrer wichtigsten Dokumentarfilme. Sie studierte persische Literatur und schreibt auch über Literatur, Frauen und Kino.