Women in Iran: Short Films II

Saturday, Nov 13., 2021, 17.00 hrs

Approximately 2000 short films are made in Iran every year. The short form presents all facets of current Iranian cinema – social milieus, private abysses, secret fantasies… Filmmaker and curator Ghasideh Golmakani has selected from the works of Iranian female short film directors.

Ghasideh Golmakani comes from a family of artists and journalists. At 18, she went to Paris to study art history and cultural studies at the Sorbonne. After returning to Iran, she started making films. In her films, she mainly deals with taboos in traditional Iran such as child abuse, harassment in public spaces or daily violence against women. In 2019, her book about Ali Abbassi, an important pre-revolutionary film producer, was published. Golmakani works – also internationally – as a film curator. In 2020/21, she put together two short film programs for Visions of Iran.

Let the past go by
Fiction IR 2017 21 min
Director: Marayam Naraghi
When the murderer of Bahar’s brother is released from prison, she tries to make him suffer emotionally. Her efforts lead to a change…

Fiction IR 2019, 15′
Director: Ghasideh Golmakani
The wedding ceremony is just around the corner, when Azi notices that her sister’s wedding rings have disappeared. What to do in all the chaos?

Animation IR/AU 2018, 5′
Director: Yaseman Hassani
A poetically animated journey of the filmmaker who walks between two worlds. Austria and Iran, East and West. At the same time an interrogation of gender-specific stereotypes of both cultures.

Cannot be streamed for legal reasons.

Moment and Forever
Animation IR/AU 2019, 2′
Director: Yaseman Hassani
A woman struggles for her freedom and identity. As she dances through the whispering silhouettes of men, she unwaveringly goes her way.

Cannot be streamed for legal reasons.

Fiction IR 2016, 13′
Director: Sonja Haddad
A young woman has embarked on a private photo shoot, now the image is online and her control is slipping away.

It Was My City
Fiction IR 2012, 8′
Director: Tina Pakravan
The renowned actress and filmmaker makes a visually stunning film of what a day at war feels like in southern Iran, on the border with Iraq.

The Toaster I Used to Live In
Documentary CAN 2016, 7′
Director: Rojin Shafiei
Four young women talk candidly about their first extramarital sexual experiences – and the consequences.

The Dérive
Experimental 8 min 2017
Director: Tanin Torabi
In the middle of the dense crowd of the bazaar, a young woman creates space for herself in her own way. A utopia, a fantasy or a dream….

Cannot be streamed for legal reasons.

Screenings ended on Sunday evening. The film can be purchased and viewed online from Monday the 15th through Sunday the 21st of November as “Video on Demand” here. Ticket purchase is possible from Monday 12:00.

Let the past go by
Moment and Forever
It Was My City
The Toaster I used to Live in
the dérive