New Iranian Short Films

Short film always had an importance as experimental ground for new forms: even the masters of Iranian Nouvelle Vague (“Mouje Nou”) – Ebrahim Golestan, Kamran Shirdel, Parviz Kimiavi, Abbas Kiarostami, to name just a few – in the1960s and 1970s tried themselves in this genre.

Contemporary short film spans from student talents to professional festival movies. Majid Barzegar and Shahram Mokri from the “Iranian Short Film Association” (ISFA, in cooperation with “Khaneh Cinema”) will present a “list of bests”; in two shows we will watch fiction and animation, documentary and experimental. The factors of production, the means of education and organisation for young filmmakers within Iran shall be discussed along the way.

List of short films:

Turnabout (Gardesh) / IR 2009/ 16’ / R: Hamed Rajabi
Bitter Milk (Shire talkh) / IR-AFG 2010 /29’/R: Nasser Zamiri
Going… (Badbadakhaye bi bad) / IR 2011/17 ‘/ R: Salem Salawati
Under the Colours (Zir-e parcham) / IR 2012/ 20‘/ R: Esmail Monsef
Solar Light (Tcheraghe Khorshid) / IR 2012/ 18‘/ R: Ida Panahande
Newsif (Newsif) / IR 2011/ 6‘/ R: Mohammad Esmaili
Released (Raha) / IR 2011/ 30‘/ R: Amir Parsamehr & Peyman Naimi
The great walk (Piadehravieh bozorg) / IR 2011/ 18‘/ R: Nima Abbaspour
Ando c (ANDO C) / IR 2008/ 17‘/ R: Shahram Mokri
The Road is closed (Jadeh masdoud ast) / IR 2011/ 22‘/ R: Vahid Hajilouie
From minus One (Az menhaye yek) / IR 2011/ 10‘/ R: Marjan Ashrafizadeh
Deep blue (Abiye amigh) / IR 2013/ 6‘/ R: Marjan Ashrafizadeh
Fossile (Sangvareh) / IR 2012/ 18‘/ R: Payman Nahan Ghodrati
Metamorphosis (Metamorphosis) / IR 2009/ 18‘/ Sina Azin
Banlarzan (Banlarzan) / IR 2011/ 23‘/ Arash Rassafi
Monologue (Monolog) / IR 2011/ 6‘/ Kahveh Ghahreman

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