Environment and water

Saturday, Nov 13, 2021, 15.00 hrs

Documentary, IR 2018, 50′
D: Mohammad Ehsani

Ehsani has long documented the threats to Iran’s limited water resources. His latest film portrays the rich cultural landscape that Iran’s once water-rich Karoon River passes through on its way. And he shows the devastating effects of improper water management on fish stocks, on unique biotopes and on the locally resident ethnic groups.

The film can be purchased and viewed online as “Video on Demand” (“VoD”) here from Monday the 15th through Sunday the 21st of November. Ticket purchase is possible from Monday 12:00.



Mohammad Ehsani (*1973 in Tabris)
His numerous documentaries deal with historical and social issues: “The Lovers: The Victims” (2004) dealt with AIDS sufferers, “Tabriz: Images from the Forgotten World” (2007) portrays the gradually disappearing Armenian community of Tabriz. In recent years, Ehsani has increasingly turned to environmental issues, including the films “Lady Urmia” (2013), “Lonely Lake” (2015), “Once Hamoun” (2016).