I Am Trying to Remember (Man saei mikonam faramoush nakonam) and Holy Bread (Nan-e moghadas)

Sunday, 29.5.2022, 5.30 pm

2 documentaries

I Am Trying to Remember (Man saei mikonam faramoush nakonam)
IR, CZ 2021 16 min OF Farsi with engl. subtitles
R: Pegah Ahangarani

Pegah remembers Gholam, a close friend of her family who suddenly disappeared in 1988, leaving a void. Using old photographs and film footage, the narrator approaches a trauma: the question of the many thousands who disappeared at that time.

Holy Bread (Nan-e moghadas)
IR 2020 54 min OF Farsi, Kurdish with engl. subtitles
Director: Rahim Zabihi
Production: Touraj Aslani
Cinematography: Mohammad Noori, Mohammad Fakouri, Mehdi Azadi, Salah Karimi
Editing: Amir Adib-parvar

Kurdish Kulbar haul goods and loads over rocky, steep mountain paths of the Iranian border. Snowstorms and border police are their enemies. The film team followed these workers for nine years, who, driven by poverty, hunger and despair, operate on the fringes of society.

I Am Trying to Remember
Holy Bread



Pegah Ahangarani (*1984 in Tehran) is an internationally multi-award-winning actress, film director and musician. She has directed nine documentaries and appeared in more than 40 feature films.

Rahim Zabihi (born 1971 in Baneh, Iran-Kurdistan – December 2018), well-known Kurdish filmmaker, won many local and international awards, including for “Hawar”, “Satellite”, “Goriz End of War” and “Stress”. “Holy Bread” (2020) received the documentary film award in Dohuk, Iraq Kurdistan.