Endless Borders (Marzhaye bi payan)

Saturday, 30.9.2023, 20.30 hrs

D: Abbas Amini
IR/CZ 2023 111 min
A: Pouria Rahimi Sam, Mino Sharifi, Hamed Alipour, Behafarid Ghaffarian, Naser Sajjadi Hosseini, Ghalem Farsi Sakhi Nazari, Latife Zousefi, Houtak Balouch
Original with subtitles

Ahmad, a teacher banned from teaching, has been transferred to a remote village in Baluchestan, southern Iran, on the border with Afghanistan; there he must report regularly to the probation officer in the nearby town. Nevertheless, he continues his work with local children and becomes involved with a group of refugee Hazara from Afghanistan. When a “forbidden” love between the ethnic groups sparks conflict, the idealistic Ahmad must take a stand.

Amini’s drama is naturalistic, staged with a close eye for the ethnic peculiarities in the borderland, and at the same time exciting and cinematically realized. Saman Lotfian’s camera captures the remote region’s barren mountain landscape in stunning images, and Haideh Safiyari, editor to double Oscar winner Asghar Farhadi, masterfully brings together the narrative strands of the thriller-like plot.

Conversation afterwards!

Admission: 8,50€, reduced: 6,50€


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Abbas Amini (*1982 in Abadan) moved to Tehran in 2001. His first short films and documentaries dealt with the consequences of the Iraq-Iran war and the welfare of children. He has been volunteering for the Association for the Protection of Child Laborers (APCL) for ten years. His debut feature film “Valderama” (2016) was followed by the feature films “Hendi and Hormoz” (2018), “The Slaughterhouse” (2020), “I am here” (2020), which were also internationally acclaimed. “Endless Borders” (2023) premiered at IFFR Rotterdam.