The Unseen (Kaghazpareha)

Sa., 28 November 2020 | 13:00

Iran 2019
Documentary, 61′, original with English subtitles

Director, screenplay, camera, animation & editing Behzad Nalbandi
Music Ata Ebtekar

Because of an upcoming state visit, the streets are “cleaned” of homeless people, sex workers and drug addicts. These people are taken to special detention centres outside the city, deprived of their rights, dignity and freedom. Behzad Nalbandi uses a tape recorder in one of the women’s prisons to document the harrowing stories of the “invisible” inmates. He gives them a cinematic platform with stop-motion animations without revealing their identity.

Reports on violence, humiliation, poverty and addiction as well as Nalbandi’s own impressions reveal the dark reality regarding the position of women in Iranian society.

Followed by an online conversation with the filmmaker (inquired)!

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Behzad Nalbandi (*1972 Tehran) Film studies in Tehran, first shorter directorial works: “Kashkoul” (2010), “The Morning Of The Ninth Day” (2012) and “Peru” (2016). Research and artistic realisation of his debut film “The Unseen” (2019) took five years.