House on 41st Street (Khanehi dar khiabane tchehelo yekom)

Film IR 2015, 86‘ // R: Mohammad Reza Ghorbani // D: Ali Mosaffa, Mahnaz Afshar, Sara Bahrami

When Mohsen kills his brother in a quarrel, the possibility of – in Iranian law stipulated – qisas (retaliation) comes to the forefront. Ghorbani orchestrated a family drama, which has only been made possible through the law of vendetta in Iran. Mohammad Reza Ghorbani worked as an assistant director for Oscar winner Asghar Farhadi (“About Elly”, “A Separation”).
Guest: Mohammad Reza Ghorbani

Ghorbani wirkte zuvor als Regieassistent bei dem zweifachen Oscargewinner Asghar Farhadi mit (“About Elly”, “A Separation”).



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