Film series: Iran Through Different Lenses

November 12-14 at James-Simon-Galerie | Pergamonmuseum, Berlin

Streaming here from November 15. 12.00 PM to November 21.

Over the course of three days, the James Simon Gallery will present Iranian cinema of various genres and forms – short, feature, documentary, experimental and animated films with images and stories of Afghan immigrants, southern Iranian spiritual beings, rivers under stress, tigers as pets and unstoppable young women.

After the films, there will be discussions with filmmakers and experts. Scheduled guests are: Golineh Atai (Köln), Ghasideh Golmakani (Teheran), Prof. Katajun Amirpur (Köln), Ayat Najafi (Berlin), Sarah Maske (Berlin), Afsaneh Chehreghosha (Teheran/Strasburg), Maryam Tafakory (Iran) u. a.

“Iran Through Different Lenses” is a cooperation of “Visions of Iran” with the Heinrich Böll Foundation Berlin; on the occasion of the planned exhibition “Iran. Art and Culture from Five Millennia” (04.12.2021 to 20.03.2022 in the James Simon Gallery) it is supported by the “Friends of the Museum of Islamic Art in the Pergamon Museum e.V.”.

Attention: from Friday to Sunday there will be film screenings according to Hygienic Concept (3G) in the James Simon Gallery – with live talks! Tickets can be purchased through this website or limited through the box office.

Screenings ended on Sunday evening. The films can be purchased and viewed online from Monday the 15th through Sunday the 21st of November as “Video on Demand” here. Ticket purchase is possible from Monday 12:00.


Documentary, Friday, Nov 12, 2021, 20.15 hrs

Iranian Pet club (Bashga-he Heyvanat)

Despite – or perhaps because of – religious and traditional prohibitions, the keeping of pets in the middle and upper classes of Iranian cities has taken on almost excessive proportions

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Trans*Kulturen in Iran


Ehsani has long documented the threats to Iran’s limited water resources. His latest film portrays the rich cultural landscape that Iran’s once water-rich Karoon River passes through on its way.

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Freedom of the press, women, reform movement ...
Documentary, Sunday, November 14, 2021, 13.00 hrs

Formerly Youth Square (Meydane Javanan – Sabegh)

The journalist and filmmaker Mina Akbari looks at an old photograph showing seventy former members of the editorial staff of the newspaper “Jame’e”, taken at what was then “Youth Square”.

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Trans*Kulturen in Iran

At the End of Evin

A powerful story about a transgender girl in Iran who finds a rich man to pay for her gender reassignment surgery, only to discover that there is something very wrong here …

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Cultures of the Iranian South
Sunday, 14.11.2021, 18 hrs


The Dervish-Artist Musa, who lives on the island of Hormoz, explores the ancient rituals, myths and mysteries of the Arabian, African and Indian-influenced Persian Gulf region.

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