The Film Festival

There is no shortage of films in Iran at the moment. “Visions of Iran” presents strong feature film debuts. Arash Lahootis “Orange Days” tells the story of the hard everyday life of a column of harvest workers, Alireza Motamedi’s “Reza” portrays a gentle individualist, who escapes family constraints, and Hossein Toghiri shows a group of young city dwellers in search of happiness (“Report of Yousefi’s Runaway”). Passionate as usual enfant terrible Hooman Seyedi roams the streets of poverty and drug use in Tehran slums in his film “Sheeple”. Kianoush Ayari‘s “The Paternal House”, censored in Iran, follows the traces of a crime that happened nearly 100 years ago.

The festival‘s documentary films, too, allow insights into the Iranian society: Bahar Ebrahim, who lives in Cologne, opens the festival with “16 Women”. “Mouth Harp in Minor Key”, winner of the Tehran film festival “Cinema Verité”, portrays the important film historian Hamid Naficy in his California Exile. Due to current events, we also look at the dramatic water situation in the semi-aride Iran (Mohammad Ehsani‘s “Karoon”, followed by a panel discussion). A further focus lies on the minorities of Iran: “Song of God” gives insights into the enigmatic culture of the Yarsani, who pass their culture through masters of the tanbour lute.
In addition, we will show three short film programs in cooperation with Iranian associations.

And with animation films we will also address the younger audience.

We look forward to seeing you! Your festival team

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