Selection Iranian Short Films II

Selection: Iman Behrouzi and FiDAN films

Iman Behrouzi (*1984 in Shiraz) studied film in Tehran. Currently PhD in Cologne. Documentary and short films. “A Movie for You” screened at Visions du Réel and Zurich Film Festival 2015. In 2019 he curated a short film programme for “Visions of Iran”, his latest film “Love in Close Up” also screened at VOI in 2019. Iman is an alumnus of Berlinale Talents 2020.

Contact (Tamas)
Fiction IR 2020 15 min.
D: Farzad Ghobadi Nejad
C: Sarina Dashti, Soheil Zohrabi
A young call shop employee receives an anonymous call from a woman asking for help. The incident won’t let her go.

Hanover Goalkeeper (Darvazehban-e Honover)
Fiction IR 2020 15 min
D: Mehri Rahimzadeh
Adaptation of a short story by Aeen Norouzi
C: Navid Fayaz, Maryam Nejad
A man digs into the past: what happened to his friend – and what impact did it have on himself?

Fragments of a Revolution (Sahneh-ye Tarikh)
Experimental IR 2019 6.30 min
Director: Sahand Sarhaddi
An experimental film: what do two private photos from the days of the Iranian revolution in 1979 tell us?

About Father, About Death (Darbareye Pedar, Darbareye Marg)
Short documentary IR 2020 15 min
D: Farhad Behbahani
The filmmaker has lost his father, whose personal belongings make him reflect on the nature of death.

Fiction IR 2020 15 min
D: Zahra Ahooei
C: Ainaz Azarhoush, Raya Nasiri, Hadi Hazhirazar
Mahsa, a TV presenter, sings illegally and posts her videos anonymously on Instagram – it could cost her her job.

White Winged Horse (Asb-e Sefid-e Baldar)
Fiction IR 2020, 20 min
D: Mahyar Mandegar
C: Sepehr Tehranchi, Hasan Najarian, Asal Shakeri, Mohamad Bashir…
A man returns to his hometown: his childhood sweetheart had promised him eternal love – if he would return as a horse with white wings.

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Hanover Goalkeeper
Fragments of a Revolution
About Father, About Death
White Winged Horse